Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life Entry 5/5/2013

Hi guys! no time no see! . Yup, new blog design! and new title, is, Chocolily. I like the "Lily" name. You can call me Luna or Lily! hahaha.... Yeah, i just stay at home with my sister. My mommy, poppy, and my little brother Jovian at the hospital. There is the reason why they are at hospital, Jovian's injury is not heal since three days ago. And my father is sick. Yeah i'm only stay at home with my big sister

oh... this is the capture of my blog design

thanks for passing my blog! feel free to tag and comment, and don't forget to follow! oh yeah, tomorrow, i'll holiday for 4 days! yeehaw! i mean... yahoo!! online for 4 days!

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